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School awareness registration September 2019 - English

Under exactly this name I had to save the photos on the ADRA server. Our first work was to take pictures of the registration of Gypsy children. My self-created poster was distributed to the parents of the children.

The children's eyes lit up when they saw us from afar. They already know the ADRA employees and are always happy when they and the teacher come by. The Roma Community lives in its own small district in Fushe-Kruja. It is about a 40 minutes drive from Tirana.

As more and more families move into this society, they do not always have an overview of how many people live there. In order to capture every schoolchild, we go to every single family to ask them if they have children. So to make it easier for the parents to register the children for the school, I have created a poster, which shows exactly the course of the tasks they have to follow.

Informing a mother about school registration

Here is a short clip with some impressions of the Roma community.

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