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Going back to Germany

I can not believe it! Why now? Why so fast? Why god? I have so many questions! I still have so much planned!

Because of the 🩠 Covid-19 virus, all volunteers are asked to return home. We got this message in the middle of the mountains. We were just hiking to escape the city and apartment when the email arrived. At moments like this, you just can't believe it's God's plan! But it is exactly, he knows what is best for us.

At the moment it is just so unreal for me. Is that really happening right now?

I am very sad that my trip ends 5 months in advance as planned. I can only say faleminderit (thanks) for everything you have taught me Albania. I will definitely be back!

So I am packing up and will write a final report when I am at home. Then I will also say goodbye to the blog.

Mirupafshim (goodbye)

The picture is from my hike on 03/16/20

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